Sir Fraser Stoddart congratulations

The INASCON 2016 team and all participants would like to congratulate our strong supporter and keynote speaker prof. dr. Sir J. Fraser Stoddart for receiving the 2016 Nobel prize in Chemistry!

Conference booklet

The INASCON 2016 booklet is now available for download in pdf format, click here to download it: INASCON booklet

See you all next week!

Last day of registration!

Today is the last chance to register for INASCON! We will start in less then two weeks. You can still register here, but be quick! We hope to see you soon in Baarlo, The Netherlands!

Last 10 days of registration

Today, we entered the last 10 days of the registration period. Registration can be done here.

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New Opening speakers: prof. Gertjan Koster

Prof. Dave Blank is no longer able of doing the opening talk of INASCON 2016 due to our change in location. But we have the honour to present our new opening speaker: prof. Gertjan Koster from the University of Twente.

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Registration deadline extended: now 20th of July, 2016

Since there are still some places available, we extended the deadline till the 20th of July, 2016.

Registration can be done here.

Updated program

Due to all changes in speaker availability, we have updated our program.

The new program can be found here.


INASCON 2016 is approaching and today we present our tenth speaker. On Wednesday dr. Kees Eijkel, one of the biggest nanotechnology entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and currently CEO of the Science Park (Kennispark) in Enschede, The Netherlands, will give a presentation about nanotechnology entrepreneurship. This often neglected topic is of great importance when the switch from research to market will be made. The University of Twente and the Science Park excel in this, making it for the second year in a row the most entrepreneurial university of the Netherlands.

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Ninth SPEAKER ANNOUNCED: DR. Floris Zwanenburg

With INASCON starting in less than two months, we proudly present our ninth speaker. Dr. Floris Zwanenburg, associate professor in Silicon Quantum Electronics at the University of Twente will give a presentation on Wednesday the 3rd of August.

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Eight SPEAKER ANNOUNCED: DR. Tim Hugo Taminiau

And again we have the honeur to introduce a new speaker. The eight speaker of INASCON 2016 is dr. Tim Taminiau, group leader of the Î-lab research group. This is a recently established research group at QuTech, a new institute for quantum science and technology at Delft University). He will give his talk on Friday the 5th of August 2016.

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Location announced: Castle de Berckt

With great pleasure we announce our conference location. This year’s edition of INASCON will be held in conference hotel Castle de Berckt in Baarlo.

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Seventh speaker announced: Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart

Today, we confirm with great honour our seventh speaker of INASCON 2016. Prof. dr. Sir Fraser Stoddart, director of the Center for the Chemistry of Integrated Systems at Northwestern University and professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University, will give his talk on Thursday the 4th of August 2016.

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Sixth speaker announced: Prof. Tony Cass

We are happy to confirm our sixth speaker. On Friday morning, the well-known chemical biologist prof. dr. Tony Cass from Imperial College London will give his lecture.

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Fifth speaker announced: Prof. Klaus Müllen

With great pleasure we present you our fifth speaker for the 2016 edition of INASCON. Emeritus prof. dr. Klaus Müllen, former director of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research will give a talk on Thursday the 4th of August 2016.

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It is our honour to present you our fourth speaker for the INASCON edition 2016. Prof. dr. dr. Twan Lammers, full professor of the Nanomedicine and Theranostics group at the Institute for Experimental Molecular Imaging RWTH Aachen University will give a talk on Wednesday the 3rd of August 2016.

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Third speaker announced: Prof. Bert Meijer

We proudly present our third speaker of INASCON 2016. Prof. dr. Bert Meijer, Distinguished University Professor in the Molecular Sciences, professor of Organic Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology and scientific director of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems will give a talk on Monday the 2nd of August 2016.

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Registration opened!

The registration system is now online. Click here to view information about registering, or click here to go directly to the registration form!

Second speaker announced: prof. Wolfram Pernice

Today we can proudly present the second speaker of INASCON 2016. Prof. dr. Wolfram Pernice, group leader of Responsive Nanosystems at the University of Münster and expert in the field of integrated quantum optics and optomechanics, and will give a talk on Wednesday the 3rd of August 2016.

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Scholarship for Swiss NanoConvention

In August 2015, almost 100 students from all over Europe gathered in Basel to participate in the 9th edition of INASCON, an “International Nanoscience Student Conference” organized by students for students. INASCON provides an annual platform for young scientists to come together, discuss their research in the broad context of actual developments in nanosciences, expand their academic network and simply make new friends.

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First speaker announced: prof. Dave Blank

We are proudly presenting our first speaker of the conference. Prof. dr. ing. Dave Blank, Chief Scientific Ambassador of the University of Twente and the face of nanotechnology in the Netherlands will open the conference with his talk on Tuesday the 2nd of August 2016.

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The website is now online!

The new website for INASCON 2016 is now online! Feel free to browse around, maybe you already want to check out our preliminary program?

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